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Service95 Deepfake image by Delfina Carmona/Kintzing

“We Need A Digital #MeToo”: The Filmmaker & Activist Fighting The Rise Of Deepfake Abuse 

images of women in South Korea participating in 4B feminist protests and mass weddings

South Korea’s Feminist 4B Movement: Why Growing Numbers Of Women Are Saying No To Sex

Photograph of asexual activist and model Yasmin Benoit

Activist Yasmin Benoit On Challenging Stereotypes Around Asexuality

“Women Don’t Get To Be Decision Makers Of Their Own Bodies” – The Indian Farm Labourers Fighting A Hysterectomy Epidemic  

‘State Feminism’ Promises Equality – But Is It Slowing Progress For Arab Women?  

“We Want To Show How Women Dream” – The Photographer Sisters Platforming Afghan Stories

Toomaj Salehi

#FreeToomaj: The Campaign To Save Iranian Rapper Toomaj Salehi From Execution 

Taiz, Yemen, Alamy

20 Years Of The Yemen War: What’s The Situation & How Is The Conflict Affecting Civilians?  

Shaima Al Tamimi

Collective Voices Can Create Change: Filmmaker Shaima Al Tamimi On The Power Of Sharing Yemeni Stories 

Kazna Asker

Fashion Designer Kazna Asker: “Yemeni People Inspire Everything I Do” 

This Is Us, Somaya Samawi

What’s Happening In Yemen? How To Stay Informed, Plus The Organisations To Support 

“Solidarity, Not Charity”: DOPE Magazine’s Active Approach To Tackling Poverty 

Stills from the film Bobi Wine The Peoples President

Activist Barbie Kyagulanyi On The Fight For Political Justice In Uganda 

Images of the Modern Matriarch Skate Jam at the

The Fashion Creative Empowering The Next Generation Of Navajo Women

Abstract illustration of queer couple in loving embrace

Love-Making As An Act Of Queer Resistance

“We Will Shine Again”: The Incredible Women Risking Their Lives To Resist The Taliban

The Way I Work... Graffiti Artist Shamsia Hassani

Artwork created by Afghan artist Sara Rahmani

Resources To Help Understand The Situation In Afghanistan & Organisations To Support

Portrait of Afghan activist and founder of Dosti Network, Summia Tora

Refugee-Turned-Activist Summia Tora: “My Story Is Only One Of Millions”

Afghan rapper Sonita Alizadeh, Lavazza 2022 Calendar

Sonita Alizadeh: The Afghan Rapper Fighting Child Marriage Through Her Lyrics

Women walking down street in Kabul city, Afghanistan in 1973, wearing full length Burqas

The Reality Of The Taliban’s Anti-Women Regime – From The ’90s To Today   

Resources To Help Make Sense Of The History Of Israel And Palestine, With Organisations To Support 

Trans rights protestors, London 2023

Why Are We Seeing So Much Transphobia In UK Politics? 

News collage, featuring distressing headlines about the climate crisis

How To Face Up To The Distressing News Cycle – And Take Positive Action 


Time For Action  

Climate Activist Mikaela Loach: “The World Has Never Changed Without People Changing It” 

Women Protest the Withdrawal From Istanbul Convention for in Turkey 2023

How Populist Regimes Are Eroding Women’s & LGBTQIA+ Rights

Images of women gathering at events by Wine And Whine Nigeria and Femme Fest

The New Generation Of Feminists Reclaiming Women-only Parties In Nigeria 

Portrait of Sofia Cheliak the Director Lviv Book Forum

Lviv Book Forum Director Sofia Cheliak On The Power Of Literature In Wartime

Rally For Australian Referendum on Indigenous Voice, Sydney 2023

The Australian Indigenous Voice Referendum Explained 

Australia Has Legalised Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy – Should The Rest Of The World Follow Suit?

Imagery from the Breathing Space book by Iranian artists about oppression and freedom in Iran

The Female Iranian Photographers Fighting To Be Seen 

Nita Zeqiri and Ajete Kerqeli Foundation 17 Project Space, Prishtina, Kosovo

The Prishtina Creative Duo Encouraging Artistic Experimentation In Kosovo  

Images of sex-positive activists Portia Brown, Hannah Witton, Andrew Gurza, Erika Hart and Sonalee Rashatwar

5 Of The Best Sex-Positivity Activists To Follow On Instagram

Gaming console

Fair Game: The Ongoing Fight For Inclusivity In Esports

Illustrated portrait of artist Glenn Lutz

Changing The Narrative Around Men’s Mental Illness

Portest imagery, Book cover Flowers of Fire by Hawaawon Jung, Korean film and tv stills featuring Han Gong Ju, Miss Baek, Moonlight Winter, Queen Maker and The Bacchus Lady

With Flowers Of Fire, Hawon Jung Tells A Story Of South Korean Feminist Rebellion 

Women protesting about book bannings and censorship

The Rise Of Literary Censorship: “To Ban A Book Is To Banish An Idea”

Images from the 2023 Prishtina Pride March

Pride In Kosovo  

Portraits of Kosovan LGBTQ+ activists

The LGBTQIA+ Activists Creating Safe Spaces For The Queer Community In Kosovo 

The Trash Walker, AKA Anna Sacks searching through rubbish on the streets of New York

#DonateDontDump: The ‘Trash Walker’ Campaigning Against Excess Waste

Book recommendations from Dua Lipa visit to Downview Prison: Black and British, The Mercies, The Hate U Give, Desert Flower, Dance By The Canal

Unlocking The Joy Of Reading 

Divided by Dr Annabel Sowemimo book on decolonisation in healthcare

Why We Need To Decolonise Our Healthcare Systems 

Love Jihad Explainer: protests in India against the movement

The ‘Love Jihad’ Conspiracy Theory: An Explainer   

Spiking Epidemic: two girls passed out on red couch

If Spiking Is An Epidemic, Why Is It Still Not A Specific Criminal Offence In The UK? 

Campaign imagery from modest womenswear brand Sabirah

Sabirah: The Eco-Luxe Culturally Inclusive Fashion Brand

Conceptual illustration of woman in pain from an IUD

Why Is Pain Relief Not Offered For IUD Insertion?

Image of hand holding polaroid picture, featuring the Set me Free Campaign

#SetMeFree: Will 2024 See Kosovar Citizens Finally Granted Their Freedom Of Movement?

Image of people in front of the Set Me Free campaign installation at Sunny Hill Festival, Kosovo

Freedom For Kosovars

Portrait of soprano opera singer Samuel Mariño with his dog, shot exclusively for Service95

The South American Singer Opening The World Of Opera To A New Audience

Images of women cooking and making crafts at the Iraq Al-Amir Women's Co-Operative

The Jordanian Co-Operative Raising Up Female Entrepreneurs

Image of trans activist and author Munroe Bergdorf

“We’re Being Told We Don’t Exist By The People That Are Meant To Be Protecting Us”: Munroe Bergdorf On Trans Issues

Image of trans activist and author Munroe Bergdorf

Celebrating The Changemakers

Collage image featuring a girl wearing a headscarf holding a television remote, alongside images of Muslim characters portrayed in various films and TV series

Why Muslim Representation In Film and TV Matters

Iranian Diaspora Collective graphic

Iranian Diaspora Collective: The Organisation Amplifying Iranians’ Stories

Film poster for The Road Up

The Social Enterprise Leader Destigmatising Mental Health For Black Men

Collage image of a hand holding a sanitary towel in front of a calendar

Female Reproductive Health Disruption: Why We Need More Medical Research

Dua Lipa walking on a beach

Making Women’s Voices Heard

Portrait of Yusra Mardini, and film stills from Netflix's The Swimmers

The Swimmers: Yusra Mardini’s Journey From A Refugee Boat To The Olympics

Image of a man holding a sign in protest against Russia's invasion of Ukraine

“If Ukraine Falls, So Inevitably Does Georgia”: The Magnitude Of Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Film stills from Chinonye Chukwu's Till

Till: A Story Of Grief And Resilience In An Unequal World

Exterior of Wellspring Manor And Spa

This One Thing... Wellspring Manor and Spa

Illustrated portrait of Mo Farah

Mo Farah’s Top Organisations Supporting Survivors Of Human Trafficking

Portrait of author and activist Soma Sora, and the cover of her book, Everyone's Invited

The Activist Fighting To Eliminate Rape Culture In Schools

Images of the Indian restaurant Dhamaka in New York

“Unapologetically Authentic Indian”: The Restaurateur Changing The US Food Scene

Images of the Kosovo Pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale created by artist Jakup Ferri

The Exhibition At Venice Biennale Revelling In The Joy Of The Everyday

Images of memorial service, tributes and Brandon Wolf's speech in honour of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando

The Power Of Difficult Conversations

Illustrated portrait of American gun-reform activist Brandon Wolf

Brandon Wolf’s LGBTQIA+ Activists To Know

Portraits of feminist icons from pre-revolutionary Iran by Iranian artist Soheila Sokhanvari

Soheila Sokhanvari: The Iranian Artist Using Her Work As A Political Act

Illustration of women protesting in Iran

All Eyes On Iran

Image of protest poster featuring former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani who was in power from 2013 to 2021

“The Women Of Iran Have Been Demanding Freedom Since 1979”: An Iranian Writer Explains Why The Latest Protests Are Different

Illustrated portrait of Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson’s Four Ways To Change The World

Image of Seoul city and photographs from Make Break Remix: The Rise Of K-Style by Fiona Bae

How Korean Pop Culture Took The World By Storm

Portrait of author James Hannaham and the cover of his book Didn’t Nobody Give A Shit What Happened To Carlotta

James Hannaham: The Author Using Literature To Challenge The American Prison System

Artwork featured on the digital platform Mauj, including a diagram of the anatomy of the clitoris, and an image of its intimate product, Deem

Mauj: The Boundary-Breaking Sexual Wellness Platform For Arab Women

Image of Aids activist group Act Up protest in 1988

In The Face Of Another Public Health Emergency

Image of a protest held In New York City in July 2022 with a man holding a sign that reads 'Monkeypox: Where is your rage?'

Monkeypox: Is History Repeating Itself?

Images of Agnes Questionmark during Transgenesis and other art performances

Agnes Questionmark: The Art World’s Mesmerising Underwater Performer

Portrait images of Black female British feminists Una Marson, Claudia Jones, Jocelyn Barrow, Olive Morris and Stella Dadzie

Black British Feminism: An Explainer

Images of men and women wearing brightly coloured suits for La Sape

La Sape: The Bold Congolese Sartorial Movement Shifting The Socio-Political Narrative

Photographs and an illustration from the HÄN archive

The Archive Chronicling The Lived Reality Of London’s Queer Community

Portrait of the US-based Afro-Latinx artist Raelis Vasquez and images of his paintings

Why Raelis Vasquez’s Art Is Centring The Afro-Latinx Community

Portrait of women in the kitchen of Italian social initiative Cuoche Combattenti

A Revolutionary Kitchen: The Italian Women Cooking Their Way Out Of Domestic Abuse

Collage featuring the creatives redefining the beauty industry

Meet The Creatives Redefining Beauty On Their Own Terms

Image of author Lillian Fishman alongside her book cover Acts Of Service

Author Lillian Fishman Shares An Excerpt From Her Debut Novel Exploring Sexual Desire

Underwater image of the sun shining through kelp seaweed

Is Seaweed The Revolutionary Ingredient The World Has Been Waiting For?

Images of the artwork on display at Queer Britain museum

Inside Queer Britain – The UK’s First LGBTQIA+ Museum

Image of protesters in Myanmar marching during a demonstration against the military coup

“The World Has Sent Nothing But Thoughts And Prayers”: How Myanmar Is Being Ignored – And The Female Activists Trying To Effect Change

Images of scenes during the Broadway musical A Strange Loop

The Award-Winning Musical That’s A Cocktail Of Humour And Discomfort

Images of artwork from the neurodivergent NFT art collective ARTXV

ARTXV: The First-Ever NFT Collective For Neurodivergent Artists

Image of person walking, wearing denim jeans and floral heeled boots

How We Can Counteract The Social And Environmental Harms Of Denim

Image of artwork by American conceptual artist and collagist Barbara Kruger

On Shame And Speaking Up 

A close up of a sign at an abortion rights protest in the United States

“For As Long As Patriarchy Can Shroud Abortion With Silence It Will Continue To Stamp It In Shame”: Mona Eltahawy On Sharing Our Stories To Protect Women’s Rights

Image of Buddhist monk and makeup artist Kodo Nishimura

The Monk Who Wears Makeup

Image of children's book I Love My Body Because by Shelly Anand and Nomi Ellenson

“All Bodies Are Worthy... No Matter Their Size, Colour Or Ability”: The Author Finding Self-Acceptance By Writing Children’s Books

Beauty Brand Guide Beauty Campaign imagery featuring Selma Blair and founder Terri Bryant

This One Thing... Guide Beauty

Collage featuring an image of beauty reporter Jessica DeFino, and graphics of her beauty-critical newsletter The Unpublishable

The Beauty Reporter Dismantling The Industry One Article At A Time

Images of models on the catwalk at London Fashion Week wearing looks by the brand Unhidden

“Diversity Has To Include Disability”: Designer Victoria Jenkins On The Fashion Industry’s Need To Create Clothes For Everyone

The book cover of Surfacing: On Being Black And Feminist In South Africa

This One Thing... Surfacing: On Being Black And Feminist In South Africa

Portrait of Zara Snapp at a drug-reform conference, images of drug incineration and graffiti in Mexico

Drugs Don’t Work. Or Do They? Zara Snapp’s Unorthodox Answer To Mexico’s Drug Problem

Illustration of women protesting about the safety of dating apps outside the Tinder offices

Are Dating Apps Doing Enough To Protect Women?

Artwork featured in the Hayward Gallery exhibition, In The Black Fantastic

In The Black Fantastic: Pushing Past The Constraints Of The Racialised Everyday

Artwork for the documentary film My So-Called Selfish Life

My So-Called Selfish Life: The New Documentary Celebrating Women Who Choose To Be Child-Free

Protesters hold signs at a rally to demand justice for asylum seekers and refugees

“The UK Will Be Enforcing A System Of Torture”: Human Rights Defender Behrouz Boochani Warns Against The Plan To Send Asylum Seekers To Rwanda

Portrait of Akwaeke Emezi and their book cover

“My Novels Are Definitely Not Happy. So I Wanted To Write Something Happy For Once”: Akwaeke Emezi Is Deviating Into Romance

Image of gun violence protest banner over New York City

Use Your Power

Portraits of perfumers Maya Nije, Chris Collins, Neela Vermeire and Pissara Umavijani

The New Scent Vanguard Decolonising The Fragrance Industry

Portraits of Nigerian-American comedian Ziwe

“I Love Questioning Everything”: The Unorthodox Talk Show Host Exploring Race Through Comedy

Portrait of Sheila Bridges, her plate designs for Wedgwood and a table set with the Sheila Bridges x Wedgwood crockery

This One Thing... Sheila Bridges x Wedgwood 

Portrait of model wearing Limnia jewellery

The Socially Conscious Jewellery Brand Keeping Filipino Craftsmanship Alive

Image of a group of photographers gathered in a photographer's pit

This One Thing... Proximities

Photographs of drag queen Pattie Gonia

“Run Into The Forest And Be The Queer Little Fairy You Are” – Drag Queen Pattie Gonia Is Reclaiming The Outdoors For All 

Photo of trans activist Iman Le Caire at a protest

Iman Le Caire: The Humanitarian Saving Transgender Asylum Seekers

Portrait of The Black Curriculum founder Lavinya Stennett

Lavinya Stennett: The Trailblazer Putting Black History On The Educational Agenda

Portrait of Ukrainian activist Daria Kaleniuk

Daria Kaleniuk: The Ukrainian Activist Fighting For Her Country’s Sovereignty 

Illustrated portrait of human rights activist Nadia Murad

How To Support The Yazidi Community 

Book cover of The Last Girl by Nadia Murad

Nadia Murad: An Advocate For Sexual Violence Survivors Everywhere

Portrait of Dua Lipa and human rights activist Nadia Murad

Activists Who Inspire Me 

Photograph of model holding bag from Nigerian brand © THIS IS US

On Our Radar: The Sustainable Fashion Brand Channelling ‘Nigerian Excellence’ 

Portrait of poet Warsan Shire wearing a head scarf

Poet Warsan Shire On Her Responsibility As A Black Artist To ‘Bear Witness’ To Forgotten Stories 

Photograph of models running through long grass

How This Activist Brand Is Using Fragrance To Help Rebuild Myanmar 

An image representing Ukraine: shape of a heart made up of yellow and blue images of flowers and butterflies

Standing With Ukraine

Poster featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin covered in blood and a Russian doll filled with weapons

How The West Has Enabled Putin And His Oligarchs To Safeguard Their Billions 

Photograph of Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion

Let’s Talk Female Power In The Music Industry

Brunette model with tribal facial tattoos, laughs into hand wearing pearl crown

Quannah Chasinghorse: The Indigenous Model And Activist Redefining Beauty Standards 

“We Are On The Frontlines, Not The Front Pages” – Why African Voices Need To Be Heard In The Climate Debate 

Monochrome illustrated portrait of Dua Lipa

A Note From Dua 

Mixed media collage to illustrate complexity of situation in afghanistan, images of people in Afghanistan, evacuees and a city scape,

“What Keeps Me Awake At Night Is Those Who Are Left Behind” 

Book cover, East Side Voices by Helena Lee

Why Are Asians Anonymous In British Culture? 

Polaroid image of poet and activist Yelda Ali

Need To Know: Women’s Rights Campaigner, Artist And Poet Yeldā Ali 

A woman holds a placard with a message reading "Gracheva had her hands cut off. Strakhova was killed. Khachaturyan sisters were raped. How many victims do we need to pass a bill on domestic violence?" during a one-person protest on Patriarshy Bridge in Moscow

How A Systemic Lack Of Legislation Is Failing To Protect Russian Women And Girls From Domestic Violence

Woman mid air on skating ramp, wearing roller skates, helmet, wrist and knee protectors

‘It’s Feminism Combined With Athleticism And Punk’ – Meet Hong Kong’s Inclusive Roller Derby Crew

A black and white image of a white visibly disabled woman, standing on one of two podiums of various heights wearing a black dress with black shoes

“Let’s Build A World That Includes Everyone, By Design – And Through Accessibility”

Image of Brunette woman, whose face is obscured by ripped paper, the word 'empowered' covers her eyes and crossed out with felt tip pen

Why We Need To Lose The Word ‘Empowerment’ – And Focus On Power Instead