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Mental Health

    Life, Unplugged: What Really Happens On A Digital Detox Retreat 

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    Therapist In Your Pocket: Is AI The Future Of Mental Health Care? 

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    Is Relearning To Play The Key To Happiness?  

    Happy Paul Fragrance

    Happiness In A Bottle: The Fragrance That Lifts Your Mood

    News collage, featuring distressing headlines about the climate crisis

    How To Face Up To The Distressing News Cycle – And Take Positive Action 

    Australia Has Legalised Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy – Should The Rest Of The World Follow Suit?

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    Why Healthy Boundaries Could Change Your Life – And How To Set Them  

    Illustrated portrait of artist Glenn Lutz

    Changing The Narrative Around Men’s Mental Illness

    Portrait of Dua Lipa and Rosie Viva

    Living With Bipolar 

    Portrait of model and presenter Rosie Viva

    “Showing The Highs On Camera Was So Freeing” – Model And Activist Rosie Viva On Her Bipolar Documentary

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    From The #HotAnxiousGirl To #TheSadGirlAesthetic: The Risks Of Romanticising Mental Illness On Social Media

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    The Truth About Burn-Out

    Illustrated portrait of Mark Ronson

    “It Was This Overwhelming Sense Of Panic, As If I Was Under A Spell And Just Waiting For Something To Break It”: Mark Ronson Reflects On His Anxiety Attacks

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    Men’s Mental Health: It’s Time To Talk

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    Why We Need To Address Toxic Positivity