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“Women Don’t Get To Be Decision Makers Of Their Own Bodies” – The Indian Farm Labourers Fighting A Hysterectomy Epidemic  

‘State Feminism’ Promises Equality – But Is It Slowing Progress For Arab Women?  

The silhouette of two men

From Communism To Democracy: The Evolution Of LGBTQIA+ Rights In Poland 

Toomaj Salehi

#FreeToomaj: The Campaign To Save Iranian Rapper Toomaj Salehi From Execution 

Taiz, Yemen, Alamy

20 Years Of The Yemen War: What’s The Situation & How Is The Conflict Affecting Civilians?  

This Is Us, Somaya Samawi

What’s Happening In Yemen? How To Stay Informed, Plus The Organisations To Support 

“We Will Shine Again”: The Incredible Women Risking Their Lives To Resist The Taliban

Portrait of Afghan activist and founder of Dosti Network, Summia Tora

Refugee-Turned-Activist Summia Tora: “My Story Is Only One Of Millions”

Afghan rapper Sonita Alizadeh, Lavazza 2022 Calendar

Sonita Alizadeh: The Afghan Rapper Fighting Child Marriage Through Her Lyrics

Resources To Help Make Sense Of The History Of Israel And Palestine, With Organisations To Support 

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Fair Game: The Ongoing Fight For Inclusivity In Esports

Divided by Dr Annabel Sowemimo book on decolonisation in healthcare

Why We Need To Decolonise Our Healthcare Systems 

Love Jihad Explainer: protests in India against the movement

The ‘Love Jihad’ Conspiracy Theory: An Explainer   

Image of hand holding polaroid picture, featuring the Set me Free Campaign

#SetMeFree: Will 2024 See Kosovar Citizens Finally Granted Their Freedom Of Movement?

Image of people in front of the Set Me Free campaign installation at Sunny Hill Festival, Kosovo

Freedom For Kosovars

Image of protest poster featuring former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani who was in power from 2013 to 2021

“The Women Of Iran Have Been Demanding Freedom Since 1979”: An Iranian Writer Explains Why The Latest Protests Are Different

Artwork featured on the digital platform Mauj, including a diagram of the anatomy of the clitoris, and an image of its intimate product, Deem

Mauj: The Boundary-Breaking Sexual Wellness Platform For Arab Women

Image of artwork by American conceptual artist and collagist Barbara Kruger

On Shame And Speaking Up 

A close up of a sign at an abortion rights protest in the United States

“For As Long As Patriarchy Can Shroud Abortion With Silence It Will Continue To Stamp It In Shame”: Mona Eltahawy On Sharing Our Stories To Protect Women’s Rights

Protesters hold signs at a rally to demand justice for asylum seekers and refugees

“The UK Will Be Enforcing A System Of Torture”: Human Rights Defender Behrouz Boochani Warns Against The Plan To Send Asylum Seekers To Rwanda