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Activist Spotlight

    Climate Activist Mikaela Loach: “The World Has Never Changed Without People Changing It” 

    Film still from Is There Anybody Out There?

    Is There Anybody Out There? – The New Documentary Tackling Ableism

    Portrait of Iranian-American poet Sharif Solmaz

    Iranian-American Poet Solmaz Sharif On The “Revolutionary Possibility Of Writing” 

    Portraits of Kosovan LGBTQ+ activists

    The LGBTQIA+ Activists Creating Safe Spaces For The Queer Community In Kosovo 

    The Trash Walker, AKA Anna Sacks searching through rubbish on the streets of New York

    #DonateDontDump: The ‘Trash Walker’ Campaigning Against Excess Waste

    Portrait of model and presenter Rosie Viva

    “Showing The Highs On Camera Was So Freeing” – Model And Activist Rosie Viva On Her Bipolar Documentary

    Image of trans activist and author Munroe Bergdorf

    “We’re Being Told We Don’t Exist By The People That Are Meant To Be Protecting Us”: Munroe Bergdorf On Trans Issues

    Images of welsh poet Casi Wyn

    Casi Wyn: The Poet Keeping The Welsh Language Alive

    Portrait of author and activist Soma Sora, and the cover of her book, Everyone's Invited

    The Activist Fighting To Eliminate Rape Culture In Schools

    Image of Buddhist monk and makeup artist Kodo Nishimura

    The Monk Who Wears Makeup

    Portraits of Nigerian-American comedian Ziwe

    “I Love Questioning Everything”: The Unorthodox Talk Show Host Exploring Race Through Comedy

    Photographs of drag queen Pattie Gonia

    “Run Into The Forest And Be The Queer Little Fairy You Are” – Drag Queen Pattie Gonia Is Reclaiming The Outdoors For All 

    Photo of trans activist Iman Le Caire at a protest

    Iman Le Caire: The Humanitarian Saving Transgender Asylum Seekers

    Portrait of The Black Curriculum founder Lavinya Stennett

    Lavinya Stennett: The Trailblazer Putting Black History On The Educational Agenda

    Portrait of Ukrainian activist Daria Kaleniuk

    Daria Kaleniuk: The Ukrainian Activist Fighting For Her Country’s Sovereignty 

    Brunette model with tribal facial tattoos, laughs into hand wearing pearl crown

    Quannah Chasinghorse: The Indigenous Model And Activist Redefining Beauty Standards 

    Polaroid image of poet and activist Yelda Ali

    Need To Know: Women’s Rights Campaigner, Artist And Poet Yeldā Ali