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Writing From Ukraine. Fiction, Poetry And Essays Since 1965

Service95 Recommends Writing From Ukraine

Writing From Ukraine. Fiction, Poetry And Essays Since 1965

Edited by Mark Andryczyk 

What Sofia Cheliak Says: A mix of serious and funny reads by 15 contemporary Ukrainian authors, spanning the beginning of the dissident movement in Ukraine to the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war.  

What They Say: “Some of the liveliest and most moving literature in the world is also some of the least known in English. So blessings on editor and translator Mark Andryczyk and the team of expert and eloquent translators he has assembled for bringing us this abundant new anthology of poetry and fiction from Ukraine of the Soviet and post-Soviet periods” – Lloyd Schwartz, Poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning critic

Available on, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble 

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