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Wide Sargasso Sea

Service95 Recommends Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys.

Wide Sargasso Sea

Jean Rhys

Service95 Recommends Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. Journey over the sea and unravel the haunting complexities of identity, power, and colonialism. Discover Wide Sargasso Sea and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!  

What We Say: Jean Rhys takes us on a journey to the colonialist society of 1930s Jamaica. Antoinette Cosway, a white Creole heiress, falls in love with an Englishman. After their marriage, rumours start circulating, which causes a rift between them. A classic in postcolonial literature, it delves into madness in beautiful prose. 

What They Say: "Exquisitely claustrophobic, this novel is a prequel of sorts to Charlotte Brontë’s Jean Eyre and offers a critical take on the deplorable trope of the ‘madwoman in the attic’, so pervasive in the Western canon" – Hernan Diaz 

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