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What Goes Unsaid: A Memoir of Fathers Who Never Were

Service95 Recommends What Goes Unsaid by Emiliano Monge

What Goes Unsaid: A Memoir of Fathers Who Never Were

Emiliano Monge (translated by Frank Wynne)

What Hay Cartagena Says: In this fictionalised memoir – about three men who are driven to escape the confines of their traditional lives and roles – Emiliano Monge challenges ideas of inheritance, masculinity and the art of self-deception. It’s funny and direct, offering a freshness lacking on many bookshelves.

What They Say: “This is a book of unbearable beauty and affliction. It is written with the lucidity of someone who has opened his eyes and refused to shut them again. The book’s power is not only in what it says, but in the silences that it leaves the reader’s conscience to grapple with” — Yuri Herrera

Available on, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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