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The Pearl That Broke Its Shell

Service95 Recommends The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi

The Pearl That Broke Its Shell

Nadia Hashimi

Service95 Recommends The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi. Immerse yourself in the inspiring tale of two women, separated by a century but united by the similarity of their destinies. Explore The Pearl That Broke Its Shell and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!

What We Say: Nadia Hashimi's debut novel takes us to Kabul in 2007, where Rahima and her sisters are confined to their homes due to their father's drug addiction. Their hope for a brighter future lies in an age-old custom called bacha posh, which allows Rahima to assume the guise of a boy, granting her a taste of freedom. As Rahima's great-great-grandmother faced a similar predicament during an epidemic and used the same technique to create a new life, Hashimi expertly weaves together the stories of these two generations, separated by time but united by their quest for liberty.

What They Say: "Nadia Hashimi has written, first and foremost, a tender and beautiful family story. Her always engaging multigenerational tale is a portrait of Afghanistan in all of its perplexing, enigmatic glory, and a mirror into the still ongoing struggles of Afghan women" - Khaled Hosseini

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