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The Favoured Daughter

Service95 Recommends Favoured Daughter by Fawzia Koofi

The Favoured Daughter

Fawzia Koofi

Service95 Recommends The Favoured Daughter by Fawzia Koofi. Unveil the extraordinary life of a remarkable woman who defied societal norms with unwavering determination, celebrating the universal themes of resilience, courage, and the enduring power of hope. Explore The Favoured Daughter by Fawzia Koofi and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!

What We Say: In an extraordinary journey, a baby left alone in the sun eventually defied all odds to become Afghanistan's first female parliamentary speaker. Confronting the challenges of a tumultuous upbringing in the shadow of oppressive Russian and Taliban regimes, she navigated the loss of family members, emerging as a symbol of hope and inspiration. Her compelling story unfolds through intimate letters to her daughters, celebrating once-impossible milestones and envisioning a brighter world.

What They Say: “One of the country's most outspoken democracy activists... Koofi describes unflinchingly the wreckage she witnessed at the hands of Afghans of all ideologies and clans” - The Globe and Mail

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