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The End Of Eddy

Service95 Recommends The End Of Eddy by Édouard Louis

The End Of Eddy

Édouard Louis

Service95 Recommends The End Of Eddy by Édouard Louis. The story of one working-class boy in a small French village explores themes of violence, queer identity and social inequality. Explore The End of Eddy and other reviews with Service95 Recommends.

What Douglas Stuart Says: There is a startling universality to this French memoir. Louis speaks so honestly about his own life, growing up as a gay, working-class boy in rural France and the isolation from family, community, class, and even self, that so many queer working-class people experience. He thoughtfully explores what so many of us must lose in order to claim our own true selves. Read, Who Killed My Father, then read everything else he writes. He is a rare voice at the intersections of masculinity, violence, sexuality, poverty, and class. 

What They Say: “Stunning... A startling use of the extremely personal to convey a message that is universally relevant” – Vice 

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