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Please Look After Mother

Service95 Recommends Please Look After Mother

Please Look After Mother

Kyung Sook Shin

Service95 Recommends Please Look After Mother by Kyung Sook Shin. While visiting their children in Seoul, So-nyo becomes separated from her husband in a busy train station, plunging her family into crisis. Explore Please Look After Mother and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!    

What Michelle Says: The novel is about an old Korean woman who goes missing and her family’s quest to find her. In the process, they realise how severely they’ve taken her for granted. It’s a beautiful exploration of a Korean mother’s invisible labour. Absolutely crushing”  

What They Say: "The universal resonance of family life lifts a novel rooted in the experience of Korean modernity to international success. A best-seller in her native South Korea, Shin's Please Look After Mom tells the story of Park So-nyo, a devoted, do-all wife and mother who mysteriously goes missing... the book's first to be translated into English is a moving portrayal of the surprising nature, sudden sacrifices, and secret reveries of motherhood" – Lisa Shea 

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