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My Family And Other Rock Stars

Service95 Recommends  My Family and Other Rock Stars by Tiffany Murray

My Family And Other Rock Stars

Tiffany Murray

Service95 Recommends My Family And Other Rock Stars by Tiffany Murray. A homage to a remarkable childhood and the music that soundtracked it. Discover My Family And Other Rock Stars and other reviews with Service95 Recommends.    

What We Say: It's the late 1970s and Tiff lives with her mum, Joan, at Rockfield Studios. This place of legend is where some of the most famous rock albums of all time were recorded. The story of a childhood where the chances of bumping into Freddie Mercury playing piano, or a group of Hell's Angels turning up to record for Lemmy were as normal as hopscotch and homework. Seriously good fun from beginning to end.

What They Say: “I loved Tiffany's memoir, what an utter joy! Like a really great romp of a novel, a Hideous Kinky for Wales. I can think of at least 10 people who must read it at once” – Ella Risbridger

Available on and Waterstones 

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