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Service95 Recommends Matrescence by Lucy Jones


Lucy Jones

Service95 Recommends Matrescence by Lucy Jones. Exploring the impact of motherhood on the mind, brain, and body, this groundbreaking book provides a fresh perspective on this transformative journey. Explore Matrescence and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!

What We Say: Matrescence is a term used to describe the changes a woman goes through when she becomes a mother. In her book, journalist and author Lucy Jones explores how motherhood affects both the mind and body. Drawing on research from various fields such as neuroscience, evolutionary biology, psychoanalysis, sociology, economics, and ecology, Jones highlights the profound and long-lasting changes that mothers experience and provides a deeper understanding of the maternal experience, revealing a previously unknown dimension of motherhood.

What They Say: “Matrescence is the book I've been waiting for. It feels like a gift. Radical, questioning and profound, it urges us to recognise and honour the many transformations of motherhood. With the deepest compassion for her fellow mothers, Lucy Jones shows us how contemporary society stacks the odds against them and calls us to imagine new ways of parenting which care for and support those at its heart” - Liz Berry

Available on, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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