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Load Poems Like Guns

Service95 Recommends Load Poems Like Guns by Farzana Marie

Load Poems Like Guns

Farzana Marie

Service95 Recommends Load Poems Like Guns by Farzana Marie (translator). Witness the poetic prowess of eight resilient Afghan women as they showcase their strength during Taliban rule in Herat. Explore Load Poems Like Guns and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!

What We Say: Marie expertly transcends linguistic boundaries, using her translation while maintaining the original Dari poetry. Load Poems Like Guns unveils the haunting beauty and resilience of female Afghan poets in Herat under Taliban rule, each verse a loaded weapon in their fight against oppression.

What They Say: "This is a book every poet and every reader of poetry should seek out. It amplifies our understanding. It broadens our sense of the identity of the poet. Above all, it makes available a rich and troubling narrative we need to hear" – Eavan Boland

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