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Dancing In The Mosque

Service95 Recommends Dancing in the Mosque by Homeira Qaderi

Dancing In The Mosque

Homeira Qaderi

Service95 Recommends Dancing In The Mosque by Homeira Qaderi. Follow a mother's inspiring journey in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan as she fights for women's rights and education, risking her freedom. Explore Dancing In The Mosque and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today.

What We Say: Experience the inspiring journey of a mother who defied a misogynistic society in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Dancing In The Mosque tells the story of her fearless pursuit of education and women's rights, even at the risk of her freedom. Her resilience and determination will leave you with a renewed appreciation for the profound meaning of motherhood and the boundless possibilities of what we can achieve in the face of adversity.

What They Say: "A remarkable story of great strength, perseverance, and personal sacrifice by a woman selflessly working to advance the rights of women in her homeland of Afghanistan, women and girls who yearn to be free… I wept when I read the words, 'in this land, it is better to be a stone than a girl.' Thank you, Homeira, for telling a story that everyone needs to read" - Deborah Rodriguez

Available on, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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