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Hello Beautiful

Service95 Recommends Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano

Hello Beautiful

Ann Napolitano

Service95 Recommends Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano. William Waters, a man haunted by past tragedies, meets Julia Padavano and her family. His dark past causes a catastrophic rift that fractures the family. Discover Hello Beautiful and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!

What We Say: Napolitano's novel is a beautiful and inspiring work that will touch your heart with every page. William's story shows us that even in the face of adversity, we can find hope and healing through the love and support of those around us. Through his journey, we are reminded that life is full of ups and downs, but it is through these struggles that we can find the strength to overcome and grow.

What They Say: "A profoundly moving and propulsive novel of the deepest connections of family and love, trauma and healing. A book to treasure and share with friends and loved ones" – Angie Kim

Available on, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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