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Hard Rain Falling

Service95 Recommends Hard Rain Falling by Don Carpenter

Hard Rain Falling

Don Carpenter

Service95 Recommends is the home of the books we love and reviews from our contributors. Hard Rain Falling by Don Carpenter is a deeply philosophical novel about race, class, and sexuality.

What We Say: "One of my favourite books of all time, Carpenter's sparse style is earth-shattering in its ability to make a point while telling a story that could change your understanding of how we navigate our lived experience. Noir at its very best" - Jamie Styles

What They Say: "Hard Rain Falling is a unique read; violent, tender, inexorable, and melancholic; a beat-era book of disafected young men deviod of On The Road euphoria but more poignant and gripping for its fatalistic grounding. The small lives contained herein are indelible" - Richard Price

Available on, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble

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Jamie Styles is Editorial Assistant at Service95

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