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Fifty Sounds

Service95 Recommends  Fifty Sounds by Polly Barton

Fifty Sounds

Polly Barton

Service95 Recommends Fifty Sounds by Polly Barton. An exploration of the Japanese language through sound, immersing the reader in a cultural experience, discover Fifty Sounds and other reviews with Service95 Recommends.    

What Tomasz Says: "This is my favourite non-fiction book of recent years. In it, Barton retraces her experience of moving to Japan after graduating from university, taking us on a thrilling journey into another culture, another language, and deep into her own complex psyche"

What They Say: "Fifty Sounds explodes the redundancy of the phrase “I’m learning a language,” showing us that the experience is more akin to relearning reality and who we are in it. Barton writes of being “souped” in the sounds of speech and a new place, but also in what is not said or written" — Jen Calleja

Available on, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble

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