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Family Lore

Service95 Recommends Family Lore by Elizabeth Acevedo

Family Lore

Elizabeth Acevedo

Service95 Recommends this eye-opening novel, Family Lore, by Elizabeth Acevedo. Exploring the intricate dynamics of familial bonds and the enduring impact of shared history and secrets. Explore Family Lore and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today! 

What We Say: An inspiring novel that celebrates the enduring power of family. It explores familial bonds, relationships, and personal growth against a backdrop of cultural nuances.

What They Say: “Flor is throwing herself a wake and reminding us that ‘even a long life is too short”. So while we are here ‘let's eat, and dance, and be alive’. Acevedo has written unforgettable characters who breathe new life into how we grieve, age, take care of each other. Family Lore is a big-hearted novel, a wonderful debut!” – Angie Cruz

Available on, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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