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Black Love Letters

Service95 Recommends Black Love Letters - Edited by Cole Brown and Natalie Johnson

Black Love Letters

Cole Brown and Natalie Johnson

Service95 Recommends Black Love Letters edited by Cole Brown and Natalie Johnson. Explore this poignant collection, providing a voice to the Black experience and expressing the profound emotions of a community faced with adversity. Explore Black Love Letters and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!

What we say: An unfiltered and boldly authentic anthology delving into the intricacies of Black love, traversing through generations while artfully expressing the richness of Black culture and the diverse facets of the Black experience.

What they say: “There's something particularly special about Black Love. When you consider the history of our people, the strife and adversity we've overcome, love seems an almost illogically ambitious act of resistance” - John Legend

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