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100 Queer Poems

 Service95 Recommends 100 Queer Poems

100 Queer Poems

An Anthology Mary Jean Chain

Service95 Recommends 100 Queer Poems. Discover your new favourite queer poet or dive into a classic queer poem. Explore 100 Queer Poems and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!    

What We Say:  From Langton Huges to Ocean Vuong, this collection is a tapestry of talent from decades of queer writing, reminding us of the classics and redefining the genre. 

What They Say: “100 Queer Poems is more than a landmark volume; it offers a golden opportunity for readers and writers to check in, refresh, and reconnect. Old favourites sit alongside emerging stars and some surprises, gifting us with an anthology that marks the present moment and ushers in a new one” - Okechwhuhu  Nzelu

Available on, Waterstones and Amazon  

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