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Who You Might Be

Service95 Recommends Who You Might Be by Leigh Gallagher

Who You Might Be

Leigh Gallagher

Service95 Recommends Who You Might Be by Leigh Gallagher. Set in the ’90s, it's a coming-of-age story following characters facing the extreme. Discover Who You Might Be and other reviews with Service95 Recommends.    

What Tomsz Says: "I love Gallagher’s sharp and evocative writing. Among other storylines, her debut novel includes a romance between two boys in Detroit’s graffiti subculture that has been haunting me ever since I read it a few years ago"

What They Say: "Dazzling… Who You Might Be is a brilliant, splintery coming-of-age novel that perfectly captures the nervous thrum of adolescence and the unnerving fragility of adulthood. Gallagher is so acutely attuned to the lies (and secrets) we tell (and keep from) ourselves and others. It puts me in mind of Emma Cline and Rachel Kushner" – Peter Ho Davies

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