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The Monk Of Mokha 

Servie95 Recommends The Monk Of Mokha by Dave Eggers

The Monk Of Mokha 

Dave Eggers

Service95 Recommends The Monk Of Mokha by Dave Eggers. One man's exploration of Yemen's forgotten role in the coffee industry, discover The Monk Of Mokha and other reviews with Service95 Recommends.    

What We Say: Following the true story of a young Yemeni-American man who dreams of resurrecting the ancient traditions of Yemeni coffee, but eventually finds himself trapped in Sana’a by civil war. 

What They Say: "Readers will never take coffee for granted or overlook the struggles of Yemen after ingesting Eggers's phenomenally well-written, juggernaut tale of an intrepid and irresistible entrepreneur on a complex and meaningful mission, a highly caffeinated adventure story" — Booklist

Available on, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble

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