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The Divan Of Hafiz

Service95 Recommends The Divan of Hafiz by Shams al-Din Muhammad

The Divan Of Hafiz

Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafez

Service95 Recommends The Divan Of Hafiz, by Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafez. Take a journey through a timeless Persian masterpiece of poetic brilliance where love, mysticism and the magnificence of nature intertwine to create an introspective masterclass in poetry. Discover The Divan Of Hafiz and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!

What We Say: Shamsuddin Mohammad Hafiz Shirazi, the 14th-century Persian poet, is one of Iran's greatest poets. Exploring various themes such as love, ecstasy, despair, and introspection, his unique style incorporates Sufi mysticism, while the Persian tradition imbues every poem with the potential for sensual and mystical interpretations – inspiring us to explore the many layers of meaning within each verse.

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