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Swimming In The Dark

Swimming In The Dark

Tomasz Jedrowski

Service95 Recommends Swimming In The Dark by Tomasz Jedrowski. Follow the story of two lovers in this story of identity and exploration of Polish history. Discover, Swimming in the Dark and other reviews with Service95 Recommends.    

What We Say: This sensual, poignant novel follows two young Polish Party workers who spend a heavenly summer swimming in secluded lakes and falling in love before they face political conformity when they return to real life. 

What They Say: “Elegant, compelling and full of melancholy beauty… I will keep it on my shelves alongside novels by Alan Hollinghurst, Edmund White and other classics in the gay canon” – Evening Standard

Available on, Waterstones and Barnes & Nobel

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Tomasz Jedrowski is the author of Swimming in the Dark – Dua's Monthly Read for May 

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