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None Of The Above

Service95 Recommends None Of The Above by Travis Alabanza

None Of The Above

Travis Alabanza

Service95 Recommends None Of The Above by Travis Alabanza. Delving into the philosophy of identity, this book empowers readers to question the established norms, embark on a journey of self-discovery and, ultimately, shape prevailing frameworks and interpersonal dynamics. Explore None Of The Above and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!

What We Say: Alabanza’s powerful words inspire us to reflect on the limitations of language and how they can affect our identities, particularly for those who identify as people of colour and gender non-conforming.

What They Say: “Travis Alabanza writes about gender and its possibilities with such generosity and ease even the most provocative suggestions start to seem obvious, despite their challenges to society at large. Both profound and witty” – Shone Faye

Available on, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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