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Service95 Recommends Mouth by Puloma Ghosh


Puloma Ghosh

Service95 Recommends Mouth by Puloma Ghosh. Mouth takes a bite out of surrealism with 11 stories covering loss, alienation, and loneliness. Discover Mouth and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today!   

What We Say: A thoughtful and sensual dissection of isolation in absurd narratives of an otherworldly nature. Mouth looks at our relationship with grief, sexuality, and bodies in mouth-watering prose, unveiling the truth about reality through the absurd.  

What They Say: “These stories are so sharp, so strange, so precise – like perfect razors, meant to cut to the heart and open it up to the gasp of pain but also, to astonishing beauty" – Amber Sparks 

Available on, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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