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Evenings & Weekends

Service95 Recommends Evenings & Weekends by Oisín McKenna

Evenings & Weekends

Oisín McKenna

Service95 Recommends is the home of the books we love and reviews from our contributors. In Evenings & Weekends by Oisín McKenna, London comes alive on each page.

What We Say: “Set over the course of a weekend in heatwave-drenched London, Evenings & Weekends follows an interlinked cast of characters in their early thirties as they navigate friendships, sexuality and the dawning realisation that adulthood will take their lives in very different directions. McKenna is a spoken word artist whose evocative prose draws you into the minds of the protagonists and paints a love letter to London in all its grimy glory” – Katie Teehan 

What They Say: “A masterpiece. This searing tale of love, sex and class will resonate for generations to come” – Owen Jones 

Available on, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble

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Katie Teehan is Editorial Director at Service95

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