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Blue Nights

Service95 Recommends Blue Nights by Joan Didion

Blue Nights

Joan Didion

Service95 Recommends Blue Nights by Joan Didion. The iconic writer and journalist shares her contemplations, apprehensions, and uncertainties surrounding the topics of parenthood, illness, and ageing. Uncover Blue Nights and other suggestions with Service95 Recommends today! 

What We Say: In her classic candid style, Didion eloquently explores the universal fears of growing older, painting an accurate picture of parenting while sharing her fears, suggesting the unsettling notion that true understanding between parent and child may remain elusive. 

What They Say: "Where the book is most successful – and most poignant – is in the viciously honest picture Didion draws of a lonely, encroaching old age… your heart breaks for her increasing and incurable frailty’" –  Julie Myerson 

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